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Our Services

Interior Design

We are a Bangladesh-based Professional Interior Design firm focused on creating smart, sustainable spaces for commercial and residential environments. We pride ourselves in creating spaces that are functional, aesthetically impactful and eco-friendly. Understanding our clients and exceeding their expectations while respecting our environment is what drives our team.

Furniture Design

As an interior firm, we make lot of quality customized furniture where we ensure it’s quality, sustainability and reasonable price. Besides this, we supply various type of ready-made furniture. we also supply sort of decorative items also

Graphic Design

Rosfia is not a branding agency but the branding is a part of Rosfia that goes beyond logos. We do graphical and brand promote services. On the other hand, graphics is the most important visual part of interior design and decoration. We home in on your do-right-edness and amplify your social value. We always care about you, your work, your space and your thoughtfulness. Because of our company belief in “Your Dream Our Work Our Work Our Dream.